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Latest News: School Parking Banners in Marr

Photo of school parking banner The South Marr and Garioch & North Marr Community Safety Groups have funded banners to highlight dangerous parking on yellow lines and zig zag markings outside schools in the Marr area.

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Latest News: Emergency Contact Disc for drivers & Pass Plus funding for Young Drivers

Emergency Contact Disc logo The Emergency Contact Information Disc for your car replaces the old tax disc on your windscreen. It provides vital information for the emergency services in the event of an accident. You can download a copy.

Download here
Pass Plus logo The Aberdeenshire Community Safety Partnership is still running a PILOT TRIAL offering £150 towards the cost of the Pass Plus driving course for young drivers under 25 years of age.

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A Drop-In-Shop for non UK nationals & Free Home Fire Safety Visits

Minority Ethnic Housing Logo

The service is available in Aberdeen
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and in Fraserburgh
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Minority Ethnic Housing Project and Shelter Scotland are working together to run an one-stop-shop providing advice and information alongside a computer club for non-UK nationals living in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Trained advisors are available to look at complex housing, welfare rights and employability issues and to help with applications forms. Animated fire logo Don't let this happen to you or to a vulnerable person you know - get a FREE Home Fire Safety Visit.

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An Updated Guide to the North East & A Guide to Scots Law

Cover image The Guide "Living and Working in North East Scotland" has been updated in various languages: Arabic, English, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

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Cover image New Arrival?
Learning to live in a new country can be difficult.
Welcome to Scotland: A Guide to Scots Law can help you understand the everyday rules and laws that will affect you in your new home.

Download here PDF file.

Local Funding logo Local Community Groups are offering funding for local community projects. Click below for more information.
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Litter Clearup & Information for Older Drivers

Litter sign Funding has been provided to support a big litter clearup in an Aberdeenshire village.

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Older Drivers logo There is a new national website for older drivers to help you to recognise whether and how your driving is changing, what you can do to cope with these changes, find a local driving assessment or refresher training, understand the law about health conditions and driving and renewing your driving licence and plan for the need to change when and where you drive, and if it becomes necessary, to retire from driving.

Speed monitoring equipment introduced & Fire Safety for Older Folk.

Speed monitoring kit image

A new electronic speed sign is to be used in the Garioch area to assist police officers dealing with road traffic offences.

The sign has been purchased by the Garioch Community Safety Partnership and will be used throughout the Garioch area including in Kintore and Westhill.

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Week of Action image The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service recently launched a campaign to promote fire safety for older people. They welcome the help and support of their partners to deliver their messages.

If you would like to help, more information and a Toolkit are still available through the link below.

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Ambition to Drive @ Kemnay

Ambition to Drive photo Sixth year pupils at Kemnay Academy have been given road safety training as they prepare to become young drivers.

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First on Scene logo First on Scene has produced four movies that will provide young people with life saving skills to help in emergency situations.
Would you know what to do?
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Operation Collinsville's success in Marr & Operation Look 3 launched

Operation Collinsville poster Police Scotland with the help of the Garioch & North Marr CSG has been tackling anti-social and irresponsible driving in the Marr area under Operation Collinsville.
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Level crossing sign British Transport Police ran Operation Look 3 - to improve Level Crossing Safety and Engagement.

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Winter safety for school children & Fire and Rescue Plan Published

Safe Drive Stay Alive 2014 logo Thousands of Aberdeenshire school children will be more visible to traffic during the dark winter days as they travel to and from school thanks their new reflective key-rings.

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Image of local plan cover The Scottish Fire & Rescue Service has published the Aberdeenshire Local Fire and Rescue Plan 2014-17.

Read the document - NB this is a large PDF file (2.2Mbytes)

Operation Zenith Re-Launched & Operation RAC launched

Operation Zenith logo The Operation Zenith model of motorcycle safety campaigns is to be rolled out across Scotland following its success in engaging with motorcyclists in the north-east of Scotland.

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Police Scotland logo Operation RAC is targeting housebreaking across the country.

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Police Scotland logo Residents in Aberdeenshire & Moray live in a low crime area. Police Scotland are committed to ensuring that the people living in our communities continue to enjoy residing in an area where crime is low. They have produced a Home Security Quiz which will help keep you and your property safe.
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Road fatalities graph logo Did you know that in Peterhead and Fraserburgh alone, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service deals with over a hundred deliberately started fires every year?
You can help prevent it.

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Policing Team logo Local Policing Teams have published updates to tell you how they are dealing with the issues in your area.

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The Complete Driver image Pupils at Kemnay Academy have been given lessons on road safety during a Driving Ambition session at the school.
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Police Scotland logo

A new chapter in the history of policing in Scotland has opened with the advent of the single service. The service will be working in and with our communities to identify and solve problems. Community policing in Aberdeenshire is managed through the new Aberdeenshire & Moray Division.
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Scottish Fire & Rescue Service logo

Wherever you live or work in Scotland, the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service is dedicated to keeping you safe. Find out how we are delivering fire safety in the Service Delivery Area - North.
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Road sign logo David Coulthard, the ex-F1 driver, sets up a reconstruction, with help from the police, of a fatal car crash. Even the best drivers in the world adjust their speed on country roads.
Watch it on Youtube
You tube logo
Road sign logo A local Group has joined forces with Police Scotland and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to encourage drivers to stay safe on Aberdeenshire's rural roads particularly during the "Country Roads Rush Hour" between 3pm and 6pm when accidents on rural roads peak.
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Road fatalities graph logo Fatalities on roads in North East Scotland were reduced again in 2011 but people are still dying in crashes.

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Picture of Police bike Grampian Police is increasing the number of officers on bicycle patrol in communities across Aberdeenshire.
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Don't Risk It Campaign logo The worst accidents in Scotland happen on country roads - 3 out of 4 road deaths occur on them. They are mostly caused by loss of control and driving too fast for the conditions.
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Young Scot/Aberdeenshire Council logo Young Scot (the national youth information and citizenship charity) has launched a survey to find out what folk in Aberdeenshire think of young people.
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You tube logo

ICE logo Find out about ICE In Case of Emergency) on your mobile.
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Reassurance logo The Aberdeenshire Community Safety Partnership has been working together for almost 10 years to make Aberdeenshire a safer place for everyone living in, working in or visiting the area
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Community safety information

Floodline logo
In Scotland, 1 in 22 homes are at risk from flooding. There are simple steps you can take to protect your family and property.
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Absafe logo
Read the January Absafe Bulletin LARGE PDF File
Police non-emergency phone number
REMEMBER - there is a new national number for non-emergency phone calls to the Police.
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Action Fraud logo
Don't be caught out by a Lloyds Bank Fraud Letter
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Advice for Flood Victims: Bogus Trades People
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Fake Police Officers target the elderly - Protect Yourself.
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Protect yourself from Bogus Electrical Goods Websites.
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Don't be caught out by scams in online advertising platforms where items are acquired for free.
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Don't be caught out by Council Tax scams.
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Health & Social Care Partnership logo
Find out about the Contact Details for the New Aberdeenshire Carers Support Service
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Abbeycare logo
Try the new Alcohol Demotivator at Abbeycare.
It's a new and interactive tool that helps individuals to stop drinking when they feel triggered... by clearly laying out the potential consequences in their life - both health and otherwise.
Child Sexual Exploitation logo
The Scottish Government is running a national campaign on Child Sexual Exploitation and has prepared a campaign toolkit.
The toolkit provides more details of what the campaign looks like and how organisations can support the campaign and obtain any of the materials developed.
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Minority Ethnic Housing Project logo
If you are from a minority ethnic community or have recently moved here from another country, and are looking for information and advice about housing in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire click the link below for more information in seven languages (PDF file).
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Problems in your community? Let us help
The Aberdeenshire Community Mediation Service can help resolve conflict between neighbours.
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What Goes On In The Mind Of A Housebreaker?
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Enjoy "a life less ordinary" by becoming a retained firefighter.
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Doorstep crime, from bogus callers to rogue traders, is a serious problem in Scottish communities and one which is often under reported but you can do something about it.
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Alcohol limit logo
Are you aware of the new law on drink driving effective from early-December? Click the link to get up-to-date.
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Download the flyer (large file - 790kb).
Scam logo
and it sounds too good to be true? It probably is! Be Aware.
Read more (PDF file)
Laptop warning logo
An internet safety project to inform children and parents about the dangers of social media has been funded.
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bogus_caller image
Police Scotland have issued advice about dealing with bogus callers and workmen.
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Citizens Panel image
The results from the latest Citizens' Panel Survey on Community Safety are available.
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Car Crime Logo
It has recently been brought to the attention of Grampian Police that there have been a number of incidents of theft from and of motor vehicles in your area.
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Weed Them Out logo
Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in Scotland. Help weed out the illegal cultivation of cannabis.
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Safer Communities Scotland logo
Community Safety information is available on the Safer Communities Scotland web site.
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Identity Theft Logo
Beware !! Donít become a victim of identity theft or online scams !! Click the logo to go to the UK Identity Theft Advice web site, or
Read more here.
Bus Stop logo
Click the logo to find out about safety when you get off the school bus.
Action Fraud logo
Advice on fraud from the National Fraud Authority and to report fraud.
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School Bus Safety Logo
Click the logo to learn more about the National School Bus Safety project which started in the North East of Scotland.

Sacro logo
Sacro aims to promote community safety across Scotland through providing high quality services to reduce conflict and offending.
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Dog wardens image
To contact the Aberdeenshire Council Dog Warden Service or find out more information in relation to Aberdeenshire Councils Environmental Services please click on the link below.
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ADAT logo
ADAT leads efforts to achieve a healthier, happier and safer Aberdeenshire, free from harm due to alcohol and other drugs.
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Link to Link to the North Safety Camera Unit
Safety Cameras Scotland is the collective name for the North, East and West Safety Camera Units. It works together with the Scottish Safety Camera Programme and Police Scotland in operating speed and red-light cameras across Scotland.
Crimestoppers information & link to their web site
Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership logo
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