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The Garioch & North Marr Community Safety Group had a display at the Insch Community Safety Day

The display at the Safety Day

PC Steve Middleton, Alison Auld and Councillors Judy Whyte and Ron McKail

14 Units logo The display included a test for the public to pour a typical glass of wine which was then measured to show how many units of alcohol it contained.

The number of units was compared to the recommended healthy limit of 14 units per week.

Alcohol Units Information

There is much more information on the Drink Aware web site

Message in a bottle The Message in a Bottle initiative was also promoted, it is a voluntary scheme intended for use by ANYONE with a medical condition and feels vulnerable while living at home. The scheme provides emergency services or other caring organisations with vital details of any conditions, medications or allergies or someone to contact should they be called to a home as a result of sudden illness or personal accident.

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Emergency disc logo Another project promoted by the Group is the emergency contact information disc which replaces the old tax disc on your windscreen. It provides vital information for the emergency services in the event of an accident.

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Pass Plus logo As part of their contribution to improving the driving standards of under 25s and helping them become more confident drivers, all of the Community Safety Groups in Aberdeenshire are offering financial support to drivers under the age of 25 taking the Pass Plus course.

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ICE logo When you're in need of emergency medical treatment, a common place paramedics and other care providers will look for your emergency details is your mobile phone. But if it's locked, how will they find what they need? As well as emergency contacts, they'll also need to know about any allergies or medications to ensure you get the right treatment. ICE solves that problem.

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