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Pass Plus gets the thumbs up
from young Aberdeenshire drivers

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Young Aberdeenshire drivers have given their approval of the Pass Plus course and they have explained the benefits that they see for other young drivers.

Read Callum's Story

Callum Ross, a young Aberdeenshire driver, has written a detailed story of his experiences in taking tha Pass Plus course. Read Callum's Story.

Read Other Young Drivers' Comments

Rosie Lawson from Alford says:

Doing Pass Plus was an invaluable experience to take part in. Before I did Pass Plus, I was still unsure about the right ways to do things and would often get into a panic thinking I was doing something wrong. However Pass Plus gave me confidence in my driving and has taught me many ways to be a safer driver. I do believe I am now a safer driver as I learnt new skills that I hadn't learnt in my initial driving lessons. It was also great to have someone to clarify contradictory road rules that I was getting confused about. All in all, I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to do Pass Plus, I think it is an excellent resource for new drivers, and I only hope that other drivers will be given this opportunity. I will definitely be recommending Pass Plus to all my friends. Thank you for giving me this chance!

Fiona Bell from Inverurie says:

Completing the Pass Plus driving course was an invaluable experience. When you prepare to pass your driving test that is all you do "prepare to pass" where as Pass Plus goes that one step further. Pass Plus goes past the manoeuvres and faces the reality of driving. I gained a lot of confidence in my driving as well as learning to take in everything around me, not just the road in front. Pass Plus also gave me advice on how to cope with different driving conditions and on the whole taught me how to be a more careful, confident and considerate driver. This has been reflected by the fact my insurance has almost halved showing that Pass Plus is very highly thought of. I would recommend it to any young driver!

Robert Klinck from Kemnay says:

I think that more young drivers should undertake the Pass Plus driving scheme as it makes you a more able and confident driver. The experience gained from the Pass Plus is beneficial particularly in the Aberdeenshire area due to all of the twisty country roads which are so common. The price of the course is more than made up for in reduction of insurance premiums, I saved around 300 more than worth while in my opinion.

Julie Farquhar from Huntly says:

I was fortunate enough to be given the chance to take part in the Pass Plus driving course through The Gordon Schools. I found the course to be a great experience, which has increased my awareness on the road and has also given me confidence in different driving situations, for example on busy dual carriageways, in towns and on rural roads. I feel I have improved as a driver, as when I am on the road, the safety of myself and others around me is always in mind. I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity and would highly recommend the Pass Plus driving course to all!

Rona Nealgrove from Westhill says:

I found that the Pass Plus gives a greater experience of varied driving conditions - such as driving at night, and on motorways. This is an excellent way of improving and developing driving skills under controlled conditions with an Approved Instructor.

Already, in my short career as a driver I have witnessed some unsafe driving and I believe that every driver should take the opportunity to improve their driving skills, observation and awareness of road hazards and conditions by attending courses such as the Pass Plus and Advanced Driving.

There is an extra bonus to those who have sat their Pass Plus. Not only does it give the extra skills and experience, but it is recognised by many insurance companies who offer reduced premiums by up to 30% for young drivers with this qualification. This can amount to a saving of up to 400. Grants are available from local councils to assist with the cost of the Pass Plus course, the cost of which is really outweighed by the benefits obtained.

I am convinced that ALL young drivers should undertake this training following their Driving Test in order to improve road safety.

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For more information on Pass Plus go to the Pass Plus page.

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