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Are you "The Complete Driver" and would you like to cut your petrol costs?

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Aberdeenshire Community Safety Partnership (ACSP) is supporting a new road safety initiative to improve the skill levels of all drivers and to save petrol into the bargain!

The initiative is called "The Complete Driver" and the aim of the project is to make drivers aware of how to improve their driving skill, save money and make them "The Complete Driver".

"The Complete Driver" was the brainchild of Cecil Ritchie who as a retired Scottish trained accountant was involved in a head-on collision. To him it seemed natural to treat it as another investigation worth pursuing - with massive support along the way. During his investigation he discovered horrific statistics around fatal and serious road collisions and resolved to achieve something practical to reverse this worrying trend. His first major success was the catalyst for the Pass Plus initiative which is now a nationally supported programme of additional driver skills training. He hopes that "The Complete Driver" will provide the platform in Aberdeenshire to further improve driving skills and behaviour.

Learned behaviour is the most copied and, as has been highlighted recently, bad habits can be picked up by young people who observe the driving habits of their parents, guardians or carers. Drivers may not be aware of their poor driving skills or bad habits and these could contribute to being involved in a collision on Aberdeenshire’s roads.

Driving skills can always be enhanced and improved but to do that drivers need to be aware of some of the bad habits they may have picked up over time as well as some of the good habits they already have.

The ACSP is teaming up with the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) to offer a free "Drivecheck" to anyone who applies (normal cost £25). "Drivecheck" is a short driving assessment aimed at everyone who is interested in safer driving. It only takes an hour and consists of a 35-40 minute drive with an IAM trained observer followed by a short feedback session where the driver will receive a written feedback form. Small tips to improve skills can make all the difference and some of the tips can lead to big savings in petrol costs. (source – IAM)

Three of the Local Community Safety Groups in the South Marr, Garioch & North Marr and Formartine areas have allocated funding to allow up to 10 drivers from each area to take the "Drivecheck" assessment.

Councillor Ron McKail, Chair of the Garioch & North Marr Community Safety Group said:

"We are very supportive of any project which enhances the skills of drivers. The free IAM "Drivecheck" assessment only takes an hour but could give you tips that could save you money and help to make you a complete driver."

Ed Bushnell Chair of the South Marr Community Safety Group said:

"We have actively promoted the Pass Plus initiative along with all the other local CSG’s in Aberdeenshire. "The Complete Driver" scheme seems an excellent and free way to save money and improve your driving."

Alistair Strachan Chair of the Formartine Community Safety Group said:

"In Formartine we have a particular road safety problem with our rural roads. A free IAM "Drivecheck" assessment is an easy way to improve your driving and we are delighted to support "The Complete Driver" project."

Alison McInnes MSP for North East Scotland and spokesperson on Local Government and Transport said:

"Raising driving standards is a vital component in reducing the number of collisions on our roads. When people have been drivers for a long time they can easily slip into careless driving habits. I'm sure most of us who are drivers would benefit from this kind of skills check. We are familiar with the idea of continuous improvement in our working lives, but when it comes to driving seem to be remarkably resistant to the idea that we might need to brush up our skills. So this new pilot project is very welcome - If new young drivers see that their parents and carers are willing to submit themselves to this kind of check and act on the feedback perhaps that will encourage the next generation to take a different approach to driving. Congratulations to Aberdeenshire Community Safety for developing the project."

The Garioch & North Marr Community Safety Group has already funded ten drivers to take the assessment.
Some comments from those who took the opportunity to have their driving assessed were:

"a very worthwhile and good experience"
"very nervous beforehand but delighted to find my driving was up to standard"
"found the assessment thought provoking and made me more aware about reading the road ahead"
"found that some of my driving habits which I’d been taught years ago needed to be changed"
"had a few bad habits pointed out but so impressed by the experience have now enrolled for the IAM Skill for Life course"
Gordon Advanced Motorists will be doing the checks. If you want more information about Gordon Advanced Motorists, email John Buchan the group Secretary

Apply for the Complete Driver Drivecheck assessment.

Please note that this is a pilot trial for TEN applicants in each area and it will operate on a First-Come First-Served basis.

Send your contact details by e-mail to the appropriate area Community Safety Group:

If you are not sure which CSG area you are in, click the map.Link to clickable map showing Aberdeenshire CSG areas

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