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Firefighters were called to tackle more than 1,800 deliberate fires across Scotland in the space of just two months, latest figures reveal.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service data shows how emergency service crews dealt with a shocking 1,824 needless blazes between March and April 2018.

This "unacceptable" behaviour is placing lives at risk and will not tolerated, warned SFRS Deputy Chief Officer David McGown.

DCO McGown added:

"It absolutely goes without saying that we prefer to prevent fires not fight fires.

"As a result, our firefighters work extremely hard to engage with the public and promote safety messages, and parents and carers can also help by making sure that children and young people are aware of the risks.

"I would also urge the public to continue to support their firefighters by reporting any fire related anti-social behaviour because there are always people out there in need of our assistance at genuine emergencies and every second counts."

You can use twitter to contact @CrimestopSCOT or call 0800 555 111 to 100% anonymously report if you know or suspect who's deliberately setting fire to property. If it's urgent dial 999.

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